In Memory Of

This page is here as a tribute to all the wonderful animals we have had over many, many years.

We thank God for the time we had with them, for the memories they gave us, the laughs, and the experiences they taught us.

It is sure hard to go through and add them. Many memories.

Milo 2013

This is Milo.
Boy do I miss him!! Things just aren't the same without him. I loved it that when we went out, people would say "What a COOL dog!" And he was. He was just so darn cool. Smart as a whip and handsome and loved to play and hunt and run and was game for anything I was and... he was my Best Friend.
I miss you Milo.

I have been finding old photos. Soooo many were lost on our old hard drive. But some were backed up in various places and I am piecing them together bit by bit. It is bittersweet hunting.
This is a favorite:

Milo with Glove under leg

Milo loved to rest against me and was almost always touching. It was so sweet. Here he is with my leather work glove. He loved to shake them, and flip them in the air and catch them.

It is a wonderful thing to introduce dogs that are close in age into your home at about the same time. They become playmates, best friends, and companions to you as well as each other.

The downside though, comes when they reach old age. One by one, you will have to say goodbye before your heart is ready to see the next one gone.

This is what we are experiencing days after our little miss Heidi has passed.

Pinemeadow Heidi Rose as a Baby

This pretty, plucky, happy-go-lucky girl was maternal to all, loved to cuddle, and was the prettiest little white rocket the Terrier world has ever seen. (You bet we thought so)

We know she is in a better place. She is back with Milo again too. For this we are very glad. But boy does it hurt to have her gone from here.
Goodbye, Little Rose. Sad

Decker the JRT

Decker and Rugby

Dear Decker.
You were the happiest, pluckiest, bravest little dog.
You were gentle and so loving with children and babies of all kinds. Yet you could hunt game with the best of them, and nobody shook the lights out of quarry like you could.
My bike rides will never be the same without you. The barn was too quiet tonight at chores when you weren't there. But Decker, I wish the best for you in Heaven, and I know you are in pain no more.
Goodbye my friend.

Zepol april 2013

Zepol october 2008

Zepol and Milo 2009

Awww, Zep.

This dog. This dog would pounce on me and give me wet-willies in my ear. This dog begged for cookies and had an addiction to animal crackers like you wouldn't believe. And this dog objected (loudly) to so many goings-on that he earned the nickname "The Sheriff" and he patrolled his domain doggedly.
This dog was faithful, affectionate, loyal, and he shared my interest for rats & rabbits (for different reasons; he WAS a terrier of course). This dog was my neck-warmer on the couch, and my foot-warmer when I was at the desk.
This dog was the little furry guy that held my heart.

Life just isn't the same without you, Zeebs. Sad

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-- The Duman's Ark Team
Sun, 05 Sep 2010 03:46:20 -0400