DumansArk Carousel Sketch
Concept art for Carousel

I love Carousels. (Also spelled Carousal for those of you wondering)
Carousels are beautiful, timeless, and have incredible detail and spirit. I have always wanted to carve Carousel animals.

When I was in High School, I heard about a Carousel Carving School in Chattanooga, TN. It was the only school of its kind In The World.

Fast forward a few years, and I HAVE BEEN TO THE CARVING SCHOOL! I have stepped inside!!

It was inspiring.

Now that I have seen the tools, and have tried a few small projects, I am afraid carving is a little too dangerous for me. But I can still SCULPT one Smile

I have sketched a number of animals and someday, I'd love to make a few. I want them life-size too.

Keep checking back to see what happens in the future. I will try to add some of my other concept sketches to this page in the next update.

FINALLY! My first carousel animal is finished. It is Milo, my beloved little companion who passed away. It was very therapeutic to work on this project.

Carousel Milo

Carousel Dog "MILO" Quarry Saddle Raccoon and Squirrel

Carousel Dog "MILO" Quarry Saddle Fox and Mouse

DumansArk Terrier Carousel Dog "MILO" Sideview

Carousel Dog "MILO" Sideview

Carousel Sketch

Carousel sketch 2

Sketches of horses.