Through our 4H years, we raised Mini Rex, Flemish Giant, Lionheads, Dutch Harlequin, and Astrex coated Mini Rex. Enjoy information herein from when we raised these lovely creatures.

Astrex Rabbit (Sebastian x Ella's Magic Cookie Bar)
Above: Kit with Astrex coat

Astrex have a coat type that is considered rare, but is often actually easiest to find as a 'cull' from rex, harlequin, and lop litters because they don't fit the show standard. They pop up in pet stores and are surprisingly easy to trip across - when you're not looking for them that is =). Visit a rabbit forum, and you'll see that they just crop up in litters and people will post "ever seen a curly rabbit - I just got this WEIRD litter - they are *so* cute!"

Astrex coated kits
Above: Kits with Astrex coats

By far and large, most of the questions we have received lately have been about Astrex coat rabbits. We've given them their own page - you can find it on the right hand side of the site in the Navigation menu.

The rest of this page is devoted to pictures of some cute family pets - past and present.

Rugby and Gypsy hang out together

The beautiful Kerry Blue

Blue eyed white rabbit
Blue eyed kit dresses up for harvest time.

Above: An adorable little lionlop baby

Blue Eyed White rabbit
Above: A beautiful tri color bi-eye kit

Astrex Rabbit (Sebastian x Ella's Magic Cookie Bar)

Above: Astrex - Even the fur on their ears & toes are curly.

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Ways to find other rabbit breeders near you:

Visithttp://rabbitbreeders.us/ - you can not only find rabbitries, you can also submit your own rabbitry for free.

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