We are grateful to all the wonderful families that have opened their homes to our baby rats over the years.

BEW Litter
Black Eyed White litter of ratties

Merle Babies 2
Merle Babies

For more than 16 years we have strived to produce healthy, friendly, and colorful rats. We have a fondness for unique markings and coat types.

Biscuit Rexes

Biscuit babies 2

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DumansArk Katniss Everdeen, the fiery Siamese ;)

Katniss on my lap

Katniss is a sweet girl, who was almost chocolate when she was a baby! Her noise point faded, but then came back dark and just look at how pretty she is Smile

She and her sister Prim are being introduced to the wonderful world of Rat Agility. Yay! They are having a blast, and learning new things each day.

~.~.~ HEY EVERYONE! Thanks to your support, Katniss WON THE SEPTEMBER PHOTO CONTEST AT THEAGILERAT.COM!!! Yaay! Smile What a blast it was. Thank you to all for your help. Don't want the fun to be over? Visit www.TheAgileRat.com to see this month's new contest and vote for your favorite. So many wonderful enteries! [/b] ~~.~~.~~

And for a video of Katniss enjoying a massage, visit:


Haymitch & Primrose

Katniss, Haymitch, and Prim
Above: Katniss, Haymitch, and Primrose

We love the dark colors on Prim and Haymitch. We've seen the Golden/Apricot Siamese in the UK, and their shading reminds us a bit of those. But are these two going to moult to white with points? We shall see.

Haymitch and Primrose, dark siamese
Above: Haymitch and Prim at 2 months old

BEW or Ivory or ...??

Admantium the BEW

"Black Eyed White" (some call them BEW, some Ivory) Black Eyed Himilayan and Black Eyed Burmese are all rat varieties that have a standard for a white or light cream colored rat with black eyes. What do we have here? Unexpected Surprises Smile We will be doing test breeding to learn more.

DumansArk Firebrand Whiskey

Whiskey is what is referred to as a tortishell (also called "calico") rat. There is debate on the existence of such a coat variation, and some stand firm that patterns in the coat are either the cause of moulting or rusting. I feel the patterns are more markings than rusting, and if it was just moulting than they'd fade away. But regardless, they sure are pretty.

Hoxfunts and Chroma

Hoxfunts & Chroma
Above: Chroma and Hoxfunts

Hoxfunts & Chroma

Hoxfunts & Chroma #3

Hoxfunts and Chroma are the result of the merle x Tortishell program. You can see Chroma's merle spot on her face. These two are just gorgeous.

DumansArk Rio

Dear Rio

Above: DumansArk Rio Grand, a big squishy blue dumbo with a wedge blaze.
He had this great face, and many people (rat and non-rat) said they thought his face was pretty (the non rat people would add, "For a rat" GRIN!)
He was a BIG big boy, and threw pups with squishy bodies and sweet personalities.

Quick Show and Tells

Above: Senneca out of Baloo x Tailspin's litter. Her color is incredible - I have so enjoyed the photo updates showing her changes!
Born July 6th 2013 and may she enjoy many happy years with her wonderful family!

Phoenix's owner Wendy shared this with us - thank you very much!  He looks so much like Rio :)
Above: This is Phoenix from Rio and Hollywood's litter. His owner was kind enough to share a photo for the website. He was such a handsome fellow.
RIP Rio. 2011 ~ 2013

Shakira & Solo's Family shared this with us - thanks guys!
Above: From Hollywood's Litter: Solo and Shakira's family shared this photo. They lived in a roomy, GORGEOUS cage that was custom-made for them. They were dearly loved and are missed.
RIP Girls. 2011 ~ 2013

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Katniss at the art desk

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