Sphynx Cat Urn Custom Urn

---A Custom Sphynx Cat Urn

Carousel Milo

---a Custom Carousel Sculpture



Purchase your pet's urn through my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/DumansArk

[center]Custom Dog Portrait Ornament

I hand sculpt custom pet memorials and urns using photos of your pet. Each detail, from fur to the shine of the eyes, is meticulously detailed. Some take hundreds of hours to create. There are no molds used, no shortcuts. Everything is carefully crafted by hand.

Ordering Information: Please email DumansArk@gmail.com with "Custom Pet Sculpture" in your subject line if you have questions. If I don't have a listing at www.etsy.com/shop/DumansArk that matches your needs, I will create one for you to purchase.

Benjamin Tatrow's Rabbit Commission

[b]Approximate Time Frame to Completion 2-3 months. Orders are worked on in the order they are received.

Payment: Purchase athttps://www.etsy.com/shop/DumansArk

Memorial Sculptures
A sculpture made in the likeness of your pet

Want to check if Custom Commission slots are available? Visit:

Have questions? Email DumansArk@gmail.com (please put "Custom Pet Sculpture" in the subject line)

Pet Urn Necklaces:
The majority of custom pet sculpture requests are for Pet Urn Necklaces. These incorporate clay sculpture and glass vials that can be used to hold a pet's ashes, or a lock of fur, or a small feather, or scales. Some owners prefer to wear these mementos as jewelry, while others turn them into hanging ornaments. Larger sculptures can be made entirely into Urns with no hanging mechanism if you wish.

You can select your size when adding to the cart but be aware that smaller sized sculptures may not fit all the ashes (email me at DumansArk@gmail.com to discuss size options)
The sculpture size options are:
4" to 5" is $320.00
6" to 7" is $498.00
8 - 12" is $734.00

In life 1lb of body weight = 1 cubic inch of ash. 1 cubic inch is = to 1 inch. The space inside the finished urn will be approximately 1" tall and should hold the entirety of MOST small pet remains HOWEVER --- many of the pet crematorium services that Veterinarians use will conserve space/energy by incinerating more than one pet at a time. The remains are weighed and separated, placed in a bag or container, and owners receive a portion of the cremation mixture. From time to time, owners have received more or less ashes than the above listed formula. Thus, I cannot guarantee that your pet's remains will either fill nor fit in entirety; but for almost all pocket pets this sized urn *should* hold all the remains.
For larger pets (rabbits, ferrets, dogs, cats, horses) you can either opt to keep a portion of your pet's remains inside the urn sculpture (some sprinkle the remainder in the pet's favorite park, or lay them to to rest in their yard) or if you want all the remains to fit inside the urn, please contact me to discuss proper size so that I can do my best to help make that happen.

***Can I have mine turned into a Necklace or an Ornament?
Absolutely! Please contact me for pricing & sizing.

Pet Memorials are sculpted with care and are made entirely by hand, thus each one takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

If you have questions on urn sizes, Larger sculptures, Additions of pets (the price for two pets for example) or specific time-frames for completion please Convo or email me at DumansArk@gmail.com

Once your order is placed I will contact you for photos. Photos of your pet from different angles (face close up is needed, and front view, side views, back, and belly are ideal if possible). We can exchange messages by email or Etsy convo. I will ask what pose you have in mind, and send sketches for you to approve before I begin your pet's sculpture.

Ask about other urn or memorial sculpture ideas at DumansArk@gmail.com

Shipping: Finished pieces are carefully packaged and sent insured with tracking confirmation via USPS.

Examples of Past Works

Custom Pet Urn Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Custom Pet Urn Rat

Custom Sugar Glider Urn Memorial 500px

Milo the Terrier Carousel

Gizmo the Chinchilla
This beautiful chinchilla possessed the most adorable set of oversized ears. Like so many pet sculptures being commissioned, this piece was a memorial. I felt very sad for his owner's loss. But I am glad I got the chance to sculpt such a handsome little fellow.

Gizmo the Chinchilla

Disco the Arabian Horse Commission
This piece is a pendant made from clay and hand painted in acrylics.

Disco Custom Horse Commission

Gigio2 Commission: a 1.5" custom figurine was ordered (his rump lifts upward as does his tail, so his body is only 1.5" long although it doesn't look so in this pic on the ruler).
In real life, due to an injury, Gigio2 had only a partial tail. His owner opted to incorporate because it was a part of who Gigio2 was. I wouldn't call this a flaw, I call it Character! =)

It is a challenge to work this small and still retain detail. This was a really fun one though and along with the standard photos to work from, the owner also invited me to her Youtube channel. I was able to study videos of Gigio in order to find angles I needed to work from. Very neat!


Gigio2 with Ruler

Gigio2 with Sketches
The drawings shown here are the original sketches for this piece. When customs are ordered, I first sketch out the sculpture to make sure the customer's vision is what I am seeing too.

Gigio2 and Little Gigio2
Next to him is an even smaller sculpture made as a necklace pendant.

Gigio2 Eye detail

Gigio2 side

Little Mac Photo
Little Mac: A Statue was ordered of this really neat pet rat. He also has Youtube videos and it was so fascinating to watch him in action - his Thanksgiving supper with Pilgrims is my very favorite! http://youtu.be/2tJWEMqBbfE

Little Mac Statue
Little Mac Statue

Cuddles photo
Cuddles Photograph

Cuddles sculpture 1
Cuddles Sculpture

Custom Sculpture Commission: Cuddles

Custom Sculpture Commission: Cuddles

Custom Drawing, Painting, and Graphics

JRT Dam & Puppy Graphic Commission

Milo Sculpture with Photo Layer

---"In Memory of Milo", a Custom Sculpt in Progress

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Pet Urns & Animal Art
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