Rats and Mice
WILD Colors Rattie CharmOut Of Stock Price: $3.45

We love loud splashes of color. It's an artist thing Very Happy

That's why we bedecked this Mouse/Rattie charm out in loads of beautiful, eye-catching splash.

Mice and Rats are fascinating and intellegent creatures. They make wonderful pets and provide their keepers with much enjoyment and play. This charm may not be quite as awesome as the live counterpart, but it sure is pretty to look at.

Add this charm to a bracelet, to your keychain, to the zipper on your backpack or purse, or slip colorful jute cord through the hole and wear it as a necklace pendant.

The finished item can be given as a gift to the Mouse or Rattie collector, or give yourself a gift to wear and show others your love for Mice and Rats. It can also be used as a prize for fancy rodent shows.

This charm was handsculpted, baked, and sealed with a protective semi gloss finish. No molds were used, so the item you see is a one-of-a-kind creation. **~The beads, chain, coin, and metal charms are NOT included in this listing.~**

If you like it, it's best to buy it now: this is because although we can craft something somewhat similar to it, no two will ever be exactly the same.

If you like this item but want to see it in a different color or style (made into a pin, a magnet, a set of earrings, etc) please email us. We do not take on Custom Orders *but* we may have another one in the works that will be what you are looking for.

Shipping: We apologize that the shipping cost is so high for such a small item. This is what the Postal Service charges for the mailer and postage and thus far, we haven't found a less expensive method BUT the good news is, every parcel sent via USPS keeps our hardworking and good Postal workers employed. I love them. They are great to work with and deliver in the craziest weather.

Even better news: The shipping cost is only applied for the largest/heaviest item on your order --- so if you order two charms, or 30 charms, or 30 charms and a sculpture etc - you are only charged the shipping cost of the heaviest/largest item. That's it. Pretty cool!

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