DIY 50 Loose Natural Feathers for Crafts, Hair Extensions, Costumes, & Native ArtPrice: $28.95  

This listing is for a variety of loose natural feathers collected around our farm. Our birds free range during the day, and just like people naturally shed hair, chickens, roosters, geese, and turkeys all naturally drop feathers occasionally. Twice a year, they also have a complete moult, where they loose all of their feathers (a few at a time) as new pin feathers emerge and push the old out.

We have many varieties of beautiful birds, and this listing is for 50 of their feathers that we find about the farm. We own Royal Palm Turkey, several breeds of chickens, Sebastopol (curly feathered) geese, Grey Saddle back & Pilgrim geese (white and grey), and a colorful pied flock of fancy Roller, Mookie, & German Owl pigeons (fancy pigeon feathers are so beautiful!).

Primary, breast, hackle, saddle and "streamer" feathers may be included. Because we collect them as they are found, we cannot often fill custom requests as the birds only drop a few random feathers at a time.

Feathers - Royal Palm Turkey feathers often have an iridescent strip

Our bulk feather assortments have been used for hair extensions and hair clips, for headdresses, for crafts, for Native American style art, for accessories in fashion, old fashioned quill pens, canvases for Feather Paintings, adornments on walking sticks and as gifts for bird lovers.

Quantity: 50 feathers
Length: approximately 2" to 12" quill tip to feather tip


Shipping: I apologize that the shipping cost is so high for such light items. =(
To keep the feathers from arriving damaged & bent, we set the feathers inside of Ziplocs placed in the box. A shipping box is more expensive than a flat mailer envelope, but if you would prefer the envelope Convo us before purchase so we may update the listing.
The shipping would then be only $4. We do not guarantee against damage.

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