Duman's Ark Store 0 item(s)

!!You've arrived at The Duman's Ark Store!!

This is the place where all kinds of animals are captured by the pen nib, the pencil lead, or mimicked by brush stroke or by carefully crafting clay by hand --- THIS is the place you will find one-of-a-kind creations - a whole ARKFULL of animals!!!

We use our own animals as models, and sales go towards their treats, feed, and care. They love getting a chance to romp around and play while we do our best to render a likeness of them in a piece of art.

Thank you for visiting, and please be sure to come back often to see the latest creations!

Rats and Mice 11 item(s)

Beautiful, crafty, and unique items for the Rodent Lover: Drawings, Coloring books, Jewelry and Sculptures featuring the coolest pocket pets the world has ever seen.

Goats 2 item(s)

We love our goats. They are hilarious, agile, playful, four legged wonders; they forage and mow the yard and woods for us, they pack and pull, they give tasty, healthy milk. You don't get much more useful than a goat.

Even better than usefull? They are so PRETTY! Long ears, no ears, spots, splash, flash - you see it all in goats.
We're so lucky to have them.

Equine 1 item(s)

Bray or Neigh, we love equine!!

Dogs 1 item(s)

Canines are loyal companions. They make sure we don't spend too much time working by bringing us Tennis Balls and Frisbees Smile

Rabbit Art 3 item(s)

Rabbits are one of the most entertaining animals we've been blessed enough to care for. They are colorful, come in a dizzying number of different breeds, and they have great senses of humor.

They are also great showmen; when they know they are being watched, they will pose, frolic, and in general look completely, utterly adorable. They love to come over and bump our hands to be pet, to nibble on the pages of the sketchbook, and they work for pats, hugs, spinach leaves, and papaya chunks.

Geese, Ducks, and other WaterFowl 3 item(s)

We love our feathered family. From our singing Peacock Ross to our sassy sidekick Ingrid (Pilgrim Goose) - birds are pretty darn awesome.

They inspire us to make everything from drawings to sculptures, and we are pleased to offer a few of these pieces for sale here.

Chickens 2 item(s)

Chickens are funny, interesting, and useful animals. They eat bugs and foods that many other critters would pass by, they till the earth, and the hens lay tasty, lovely eggs.

Chickens are also smarter and more personable than most would give them credit for. Some individuals raise these birds to be housepets, and enjoy their company as one would enjoy the traditional dog/cat housepet.

In this section of the store, we celebrate that bond, and offer gifts for the chicken lover.

Bovine 0 item(s)

From dairy cows to impressive bulls, to riding steers and oxen, Bovine are beautiful and useful creatures.

Here you'll find art for the bovine lover.

Feathers 1 item(s)

For the crafter, the fashion trendy, the costume designer, feather painter, or quill pen maker, natural bird feathers are a must.

Our birds free range during the day, and just like people naturally shed hair, chickens, roosters, pigeons, geese, and turkeys all naturally drop feathers occasionally. Twice a year, they also have a complete moult, where they loose all of their feathers (a few at a time) as new pin feathers emerge and push the old out.

When we find ones that capture our eye, we collect them. These hand selected feathers make there way here, where we offer them for sale to those who are talented enough to make creations out of, and with them.

Birds 1 item(s)

From Ostrich to Kiwi birds, this is the place to find cute OOAK bird items.

African Animals 0 item(s)

African Animal themed art can be found here.

Fish 1 item(s)

Fish of all kinds float into this section of the store.

Chinchilla 1 item(s)

Chinchilla lovers look here for Chin art!

Unicorns 1 item(s)

Lovers of fables, myths, and legends will enjoy the whimsical Unicorn art here.

Parrots & avians 1 item(s)

Hookbills and Softbills will go in this part of the store. From tiny, adorable finches to the majestic Hyacinth Macaw, avian are incredible creatures.

Seeds 4 item(s)

Gardening is Good for the Soul
Flower and Vegetable seeds are collected from our farm. Many heirloom varieties for sale.