English Lops.

Those gorgeous flowing ears; so endearing, so adorable.

I began my search for a English Lop (Elop) breeder many years ago. I looked at ads, I talked face to face with people, I put queries out on tag boards from everywhere from the super market to the Internet. One reason or another, it never worked out. Fast forward ten years, plus.

I was talking with a woman who liked some of my pretty pet rats.
I mentioned my love of elusive Elops.
She happened to know someone who was selling out of hers, and sent me to a Facebook page.

OH MY - the lady had GORGEOUS rabbits - one was a Siamese sable I absolutely adored and if I could have made the drive, I'd have picked him up that night. But the lady told me her favorite was her first ever Elop, Jolene.

But suddenly the rabbits were ALL SOLD - I was crushed. My chance at them was gone.

Or so I thought. (What kind of story would this be if it ended there?)

King & Jesters Rabbitry came onto my radar; they had GORGEOUS Elops, lived close by, and who was due to kindle but an Elop doe named... JOLENE!!!

Yes, it was the same rabbit. I was thrilled! I put my request in for a buck kit.

Turned out, the broken fawn (gold and white) Elop I fell in love with was a doe. This wasn't a problem, per se. I'd heard horror stories of the Elops being nasty tempered (especially the does) while others sang their praises.

She turned out to be such a sweetheart.

I was in for a real surprise with the agility of an Elop. Those ears don't slow them down a bit. And actually, I've yet to meet another breed that likes to climb and run and explore quite as much as the Elops do.

Gypsy became best friends with the dogs and a manx cat. She made me laugh with her clowning and antics.

It is said that Cleopatra should be credited for the 'creation' of the English Lop. Other sources credit England.

I would like to note that the story goes that Cleopatra selected for the Nubian breed(that look much like the Roman nosed Elops, truth be told) and if that is true, perhaps there is a grain of truth also to the Elop credit.

English Lop Breeders that we're aware of:
Waynerose5@yahoo.com in Sweetwater TN