Lucy the Lamancha
Lucy the Lamancha and her cute twins spring of 2012.

We have a small herd of goats that we enjoy.

Thanks to all who got us started in WONDERFUL CAPRINES!!

Jace, our Alpine herdsire

3 things Jace has done very well as a herdsire:
-IMPROVES udder quality in offspring; does with detached, pendulous udders threw doelings with high and tight attachments
-Increases milk production; when we started, some of our does gave only a quart per milking. Jace's daughters give a gallon+ per milking at freshening.
-Passes on his easy going nature and friendly demeanor.

Gaylen 2013
Kudzu, our Kiko herdsire

He is a wonderfully kind buck, very nice to his does and we are very excited to see his offspring out of Jace's girls this spring.

'Mutts' they may be, but we have some fantastic blends of reliable dairy breeds, now along with the hardy Kiko in our little herd. Stay tuned for the kids of 2014!

Banjo 2013

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